Non surgical face lift by using high frequency ultrasound is a revolutionary, non-invasive treatment designed to fight the signs of aging in our skin by stimulating the body’s natural production of collagen.  The collagen in our skin helps it to stay firm, toned and elastic.  Sadly, as we age, our collagen levels decrease, causing the skin to lose elasticity and succumb to the effects of gravity, allowing our skin to sag as it is pulled downward.  High frequency of ultrasound uses the safe power of ultrasound to trigger our skin to create new, fresh collagen that can stand up to gravity and give the face and neck a firm, uplifted look. 


You may see and feel some skin rejuvenation results immediately after the procedure; however, the true  results will become visible over the next two to three months, as your skin naturally begins to produce new collagen and rejuvenates itself.  Some patients have reported continued rejuvenating results for up to six months after the procedure.