Heat things up and melt your fat away…

The Vaser Shape System you know and trust is now the Quanta Shape System at The Woman’s Group!  It simply gets rid of those bothersome areas that just won’t go away despite a healthy lifestyle and regular exercise.  This innovative technology was developed in Italy and has been used in Europe for years.  The Vaser Shape / Quanta Shape machine uses focused high-intensity ultrasound waves to target the areas of unwanted fat, which are then liquefied and eliminated from the body through the lymphatic system. Best of all, most patient’s say that it feels like a hot stone massage.


How does it work?
It melts the fat and flushes it out!

Patients interested in treating areas of unwanted fat will undergo a series of 45 minute  therapies.  The therapy  has two parts: first the focused ultrasound waves dissolve the fat, and then the lymphatic massage moves it towards the lymph nodes for removal.  Depending on the area being treated, most patients require 3-5 sessions to obtain optimal results. Three to four days after each treatment, a brief 5 minute lymphatic massage is used to further assist in the removal of fat waste by-products.





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